Tree of Life Tattoos

Tree of Life Tattoos Body Art

Body Art and the expression of the symbolism of the Tree of Life

Man has been adding art to the body in the form of tattoos for centuries. It is fair to say that tattoos are now far more common and indeed much more accepted in todays world with many women wearing tattoos. something frowned upon only a few short years ago.

One of the popular forms of tattoo is the Tree of life - and the variety and artistry is absolutely incredible as the images below show.

Below is an array of different interpretations of the Tree of Life in artistic form on the human body. The difference in the artistic designs may also indicate the varying interpretation of the wearer of the Tree of Life Meaning to them as an individual. Needless to say the symbolism of the Tree of Life has great significance to the wearers of such intricate and permanent designs on their bodies.


tree of life tattoo on back colorful stunning Stunning colorful Tree of Life tattoo across the back

Tree of Life tattoo across the entire back This Tree of Life tattoo covers the entire back of this woman

Tribal Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo Close-up of a Tribal Celtic design Tree of Life tattoo

Tree of Life tattoo on forearm Tree of Life Tattoo on Arm Tree of Life Tattoo on back with birds Tree of Life tattoo on arm and shoulder